Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TTM Return - Kyle Blanks

As I mentioned last week, I sent a whole heap of TTM requests out a few weeks ago. With a blizzard happening here in DC, I had pretty much nothing else to do. I'd sent out a mix to former retired Padres as well as current Padres in spring training, not to mention a few longshots (Mariano Rivera/Trevor Hoffman). I got my first spring training request back today.

I sent a T206 to Kyle Blanks for his autograph. For those not in the know, Blanks is pretty much the Padres great hope for the 2010 season. Other than Adrian Gonzalez, no one has more raw power than Kyle. Hopefully he can provide Adrian more protection in the lineup than Kouz did. Another great aspect of Kyle is his amazing fro from spring training last year:

Quite impressive. I'm glad we have some characters in the clubhouse these days.

Here is the autographed card:

Anyways, thanks to Kyle Blanks for his expedient return of my request. I'm really hoping for big things from him this season.

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