Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bunch of eBay Purchasing - Still FAILURE...

As a fan of the TV show Survivor, going back to the first season, when A&G offered a Bob Crowley relic and auto, I got excited. Unfortunately, since this is a short printed relic/auto, they are hard to come by and also relatively expensive. I'd thought I found the perfect one on eBay pricing wise. I put in my best offer and with 4 minutes left, assumed I'd win as there had been very little activity on it. Thinking I'd really outsmart the system, I then checked the seller's other auctions to take advantage of combined shipping. He had a ton of football relics including HOFer Steve Largent, as well as a mediocre T206 auto. I bid on them all, as they were all only .99. As you can guess, I got outbid at the last second for the Bob Crowley bow tie relic, but won all the other relics. Oh well. Hopefully I can find someone to trade them to!

I've heard Scott Elbert should make the roster and maybe play a middle relief role. Who knows. He used to be a hot prospect, but that shine has faded I think. Hopefully the Padres shellac him. My first T206 mini auto, as I have the Heath Bell full size auto also for T206.

Steve Largent is a hall of famer, a former Congressman and a losing Gubernatorial candidate. For $.99, I figured I couldn't go wrong.

This was a larger size swatch for Torry Holt. Former fantasy team member. Not much else to say about him, I think we can probably stick a fork in his career at this point.

First I'd seen the Bowman Sterling product, as I'm not a big Football collector outside of the Chargers. The foilboard is OK but kind of weird looking. Anyways, numbered to 50.

Steve Smith is the all time leading receiver in USC history, so I've always rooted for him. Can anyone guess who's record he broke? A former Panther... I'm glad he broke out this year. This one is numbered to 25.

So, all of these cards are for trade. Even though I didn't get my Bob Crowley, I got all of these for about 9 bucks including shipping. Hopefully I can trade some of them, and if anyone has the Bob, please let me know!!!!

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