Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TTM Returns!

I just received two more TTM autos from the Padres spring training camp. Aaron Poreda and Tony Gwynn Jr. were nice enough to send these back. Luckily, both also have outstanding autos. Poreda so far has really stunk in camp, but I think with some seasoning he will still be at least a great reliever.

He'd better be at least, since he was the centerpiece of the Peavy trade. Tony Gwynn Jr. is a sentimental favorite, but I'm just not sure how great will be. He really seems like a quick, good defensive outfielder with little ability to get on base. Still, as a Padres fan, it would be great to have him mature and grow and become a valuable part of the team.

I've still got quite a few TTMs out there, and hopefully I get some more responses. Still waiting on Trevor Cahill, Mariano Rivera, Scott Hairston, Nick Hundley, David Eckstein, Ed Whitson, Andy Benes, and Trevor Hoffman. Will keep you updated.

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