Friday, March 5, 2010

Blogger Trade - Nachos Grande

I recently completed my second blogger to blogger trade with the fantastic site, Nachos Grande. I have been dabbling in 2008 Upper Deck Timeline for a while now. When I was first getting back into the baseball card collecting, Timeline retail packs at Target were some of my first purchases. I liked that they harkened back to my last year of collecting with 1993 SP model cards. The die cut cards blew my mind as I missed that whole phase of baseball card production. Anyways, with the cheap boxes, the chase for Strasburg cards last year, and the pretty cool design, I've opened 3 or 4 boxes of this. I even got lucky with a Miguel Cabrera auto'd and numbered to 10. With that many cards, I figured, even with all the short prints, I'd try to collect this set. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like many others are collecting these, so I'm having a hard time finding traders (bolded to tempt others to trade me Timeline cards!).

Anyways, I reached out to Chris at Nachos Grande as he listed quite a few Timeline singles I needed for my set. I had toyed with collecting the 2010 Topps subsets and inserts, but after the initial excitement, I decided it really wasn't worth the effort. So, I offered a heap of 2010 inserts to Chris, along with a David Wright N43 2009 Allen and Ginter boxtopper I happened to have doubles of (another set I was trying to collect but have fallen behind in finishing).

In return, I got a nice batch of Timeline cards:

I also threw Chris a special "bonus pack" of cards. I'm looking forward to him opening and reporting back on this special surprise. What better way to start off in the blogosphere than by sending an uncalled for Bipping... Looking forward to seeing his reaction on his blog.

Once again, I'm always looking to trade for either Padres, Chargers or any of the sets I'm collecting. Just check my want list and my Photobucket!!!

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  1. You wanted a reaction, you got a reaction!

    (PS: Thanks for the great cards)