Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another eBay Mailday - Spree Almost Over

I'm not sure what caused it, but the past few weeks I've been on a little shopping spree on eBay. Despite excitement related to Spring Training starting, it seems like pricing is lower now than it has been all Winter. As such, I've been picking up some cards I've been waiting to get since last year. I've also been taking advantage of combined shipping to pick up some cards I wouldn't otherwise be able to get, which increases my base for trading (which I'd like to do a lot more of now that I have this blog).

This latest batch of purchases had two from the much ignored Upper Deck Icons set. A lot of the negativity towards this set was due to the manufactured letters they used, as well as the incredibly moronic celebrity letterman insert. As if I'd really want to pull a Jeremy Piven manu-letter in my baseball product (although I did enjoy his work in the unappreciated classic PCU). Anyways, this set was one of the first to feature an Everth Cabrera auto, so I had to have it. Everth I think is the real deal, the next Furcal. He is quick, a sharp fielder (his low UZR aside, I think he performed better than that stat said), and a good contact hitter. If you get the chance, I think he is a steal in fantasy drafts this year.

This auction featured combined shipping, so I scored two other cards for .99 each. The second was another Icons card. This Jake Peavy jersey card was a nice addition, even though Peavy has turned into a stupid jerkface of late. For all of his talk about how San Diego wasn't a winner while he was there, they went to the postseason 3 years in a row. The biggest reason for the postseason failures fell squarely on Peavy's shoulders. His outings were abortions. Just look at his atrocious postseason ERA. He blew the games. So good luck in Chicago, Jake. We miss you, but hopefully you won't blow it for them like you blew it for us if they make it to the playoffs.

Finally, as a resident of the DC area, I casually follow the Nationals. I like that their team is about equal to the Padres, and that the Padres have a ridiculous record in DC since the Nationals moved from Montreal. One of the most popular players is Nyjer Morgan. Going by the nickname Tony Plush, Morgan is a really exciting player. With this card going for .99, I couldn't resist picking it up. Even though there don't seem to be any Nationals card bloggers or collectors, I figure it would come in handy. Worst case, it's a player I like watching.

As always, a lot of my cards are up for trade. If the one to two readers of this blog are getting tired of the eBay posts, rest assured, I only have one or two left and then I'll take a break from eBay. Especially since now it's looking like 2010 Goudey won't be released, I'm not sure what sets I'm going to collect at this point.

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