Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Card/Comics Store - Victory Comics, Falls Church, VA

Northern Virginia does not have a great variety of card and comic stores. The ones that are here are fine for supplies, but cards are grossly overpriced (like charging book value for early 90's junk singles), and the people are pretentious and unfriendly. Our best card store is, which of course has no physical storefront. At the Shoff show, there were fliers for a new card store in Falls Church, Victory Comics. They were offering 4.95 off the first purchase, and it was on the way home. So, my friend and I stopped there.

It is a nice new store, very bright and spacious. Very unlike a lot of comic stores in that there is room to walk and browse. Their card counter was quite weak, populated with wax boxes of early 90's junk, although they were all appropriately priced (low). They did have some 2010 Upper Deck and Topps hobby packs. I opted to buy 2 hobby packs of UD. It led to a first time milestone for me since I restarted collecting last year:

I PULLED MY FIRST HIT FROM A PACK!!!!!!! At least my first hit from a pack that wasn't part of a box I bought.

Granted, it is Barry Zito. And it is these non-descript looking 2010 UD jersey cards that as I found out at the Shoff show, are being sold for less than some 2010 Topps non-relic inserts.

I also pulled this:

Granted, it's JJ Hardy, but I always like pulling these numbered UD Gold cards. I pulled a Hunter Pence last year from a pack from Target, and was able to get it to a player collector on Sports Card Forum. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how many JJ Hardy fans or player collectors are out there.... BUT, it's available for trade!!!! Act now!!!!

I also pulled a Buster Posey base "Star Rookie" for what it's worth. Also for trade.

Not bad for 2 packs at 5.95 each, with a 4.95 discount. And I finally got the excitement of pulling a hit out of a pack!!!!! Not bad, even if it's stupid Barry Zito on the stupid, stupid, terrible Giants.

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