Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Training TTM

I am a big TTM'er. I love getting autographs back in the mail. I've had tons of success with the Allen and Ginter non-sports figures. I love my Steve Wiebe, Billy Mitchell and Joey Chestnut autographs. I've had less success with my baseball players (thanks David Eckstein, Phil Nevin, Chase Headley, Wade Leblanc and Matt Antonelli for ignoring my letters!!!) For the first time, I'm trying to send to Spring Training hoping for better results. I sent out ten packages last week to time it with the reporting dates. Packages went out to:

David Eckstein
Scott Hairston
Nick Hundley
Tony Gwynn Jr.
Trevor Hoffman
Mariano Rivera
Andy Ashby
Andy Benes
Ed Whitson
Trevor Cahill

I also am planning on getting packages to Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard and Kyle Blanks. Maybe new Padre Aaron Cunningham.

I'll keep the blog up to date with what comes back!

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