Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Padres Cards - Shoff Card Show

As usual, my friend and I hit up the Shoff Promotions card show in Tysons Corner, VA. I needed to pick up a few of the new release Padres base cards. I got that, and more at the show. As usual, Padres cards are in very low demand, and I was able to get some great deals. If only I believed in Matt Antonelli to stock up on his autographs, as they were going for dirt cheap (prove me wrong Matt, we need a 2B of the future!).

The first is this Mat Latos red card numbered to 1199. It is from the Topps Unique set which wasn't very unique. Regardless, Mat Latos is one of my favorite Padres. At Nationals Park last year before his start, he was very friendly and chatted us up. He gladly signed autographs, but strangely said he doesn't do pictures. My wife found him very attractive, so maybe this is to keep Mat's future modeling rights exclusive. He is pitching great so far, and it's nice to see a Padres starter hit 96 on the radar.

I got the full set of Padres in the 2010 Topps Heritage set, but it's not really scan worthy. I did get my very first Donovan Tate card, out of the Tristar set. The Padres took Donovan #3 in the draft last year, and everyone was excited to get such an athletic player. It's too bad he can't stay healthy, including an atrocious ATV related accident. I'd think if you signed a huge contract and were devoted to baseball, you wouldn't do high risk things that could threaten your career. He got injured again during the Spring, and he still isn't playing. This pick was a big risk/reward pick, I just hope it's not another bust. I know they got picked later in the round, but I would have loved Alex White or Aaron Crow.

Along with all the base cards, I got these three cards for a total of $3. Not bad!

I know more people probably know Winfield better as a Yankee, but he looks so much better in the Padres uniform. I met him in the Sony Dugout Club once, and he was very friendly. And huge. He made me feel like an oompa loompa. I also scored a nice jersey card of Khalil-bot. I hope he is dealing with his problems and gets back to the majors. He was great to watch even though he couldn't get on base or make contact in critical situations. But man could he hit a solo home run while the Padres were already losing by 5. Finally, I got a Kyle Blanks Topps Finest rookie redemption. I'd like to see him make more contact this season, but he is exciting to watch nonetheless.

This was all a nice haul from the card show for pennies on the dollar. Thank goodness the Mid-Atlantic is almost devoid of Padres fans it seems.

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