Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2007 Fleer Ultra David Wells

I was never thrilled when David Wells pitched for the Padres. Sometimes he'd barely get the job done, other times he'd get drilled. Regardless, he was a great personality that was a native of the area. I still love hearing him go on Scott and BR and give his take on things. I think radio is his real calling at this point, he would be fantastic if given a show. I also think David Wells needs to be given recognition for the great job he did getting injured after falling off an OB barstool. While I may not have loved his pitching, I loved him as a person.

This 2007 Fleer Ultra dual jersey card of David Wells numbered to 160 looks fantastic and really shows off his corpulence. I'm sad Fleer went the way of the dodo, as I was a fan of this 2007 Ultra release. Oh well.

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