Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome To My Misery

I am a lifelong Padres fan. It has been hard. I've been suffering for the majority of my life as a result. Obviously, there have been moments of glory. 1998 was great. Until we got to the World Series and got swept. A string of NL West championships in the past few years was nice except we kept getting owned in the 1st round of the playoffs. Regardless, I still watch as many games as I can on MLB.TV and in person at Nationals Park (local stadium). Then I get depressed and crawl into a ball after our putrid middle relief blows another game. Or when Josh Geer gives up 4 bombs in 4 innings. Whatever, a fan is a fan. I'll say Ugh, Padres, and then I'll be right back in front of the screen watching the next night's game. A real glutton for punishment.

More recently, I've gotten really back into baseball card collecting, which will be the focus of this blog. Obviously I love collecting Padres cards, and it's nice being on the East Coast where no one cares about the Padres and Padres can be picked up cheap. I am also super into set collecting, am active on Sports Card Forum, and read as many baseball card blogs on my Google Reader as possible. I love the community of bloggers that support each other and look forward to joining in. Too bad I'm too late to take part in Gint-A-Cuffs!

Hopefully you find plenty of value in this blog, or at least enough to check periodically or add me to your RSS reader. Look forward to talking with many of you!

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