Sunday, May 2, 2010

1996 Leaf Signature Trevor Hoffman Autograph

The crowning achievement of my Check Out My Cards buying spree was this: a 1996 Trevor Hoffman Leaf Signature autograph. My first Trevor autograph. It doesn't seem like Trevor signs very much as he doesn't have much available on the market, and the ones that are out there are very expensive. This card is beautiful and shows off his trademark windup. As we all know, Trevor was one of the greatest Padres in history. I was sad when he left, but let's face it, it was time as the Padres had Heath Bell ready to take over. When he retires, he will always be loved by San Diegans and Padres fans. I can't wait to see him inducted into the Hall of Fame.

This autograph is on card and wonderful. One of the focal points of my collection now. He is also a member of the 1998 Padres team, so this card represents another check on my checklist of 98 Pads.

This is the end of my Check Out My Cards spree, so we can get back to discussing the Padres 2010 BEST SEASON EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Just discovered your blog, pretty cool. I have a Padres blog also.

  2. Trevor Hoffman is the BEST!! Great card. I can't wait until he gets into the Hall of Fame. Hope he can have a last minute of glory as a Padre though too. Check out my Padres blog,